about Shann



I’m Shannon (but you can call me Shann now that we’re friends). Gosh, where do I begin… writing about yourself is tough! Well to start, I am currently in school working towards my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, with interest in Botany and plan to be finished school by September 2019. It has taken me years to find the right path and figure out what I want to do with my career, but I finally found it! I have switched my major more times than I can count and I used to be so hard on myself about it, but honestly, I am happy I took the path I did to get here.

What made me want to start blogging?

I have always enjoyed writing, but I never thought I was good at it. I tried starting this blog in 2016 but because I was my worst critic I talked myself out of it. It wasn’t until recently, with the fantastic support from my boyfriend, close friends, and co-workers, that I decided to go for it again. So, here I am!

My intentions with my blog are to share my outdoor experiences and hopefully motivate those who are maybe intimidated to explore the woods or don’t know where to start. I hope to teach others the importance of hiking essentials and even share a little bit of my science knowledge with those interested in learning. I also plan to teach you ways to find your green thumb, so you can grow your own garden and love your plants just as much as I do!

I hope I can inspire you and you learn a thing or two on here.  If you’re interested in joining me on a hike, message me – I’d love to explore with ya!