ALL PLANT SALES ARE FINAL; however, we want to ensure that you receive a healthy and happy plant whether you picked it up in-store or had it shipped to you online! 

If your plant has completely died within the 48 hours after purchase, please email us directly with a photo of the plant and your order number / receipt number. Once received, we will review and offer a full refund for the plant cost within 1-2 business days. 

In order to receive a full refund for any purchased workshop or class, the customer needs to provide a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to the workshop/class. This allows Explorganics an attempt to fill the vacancy. Anything less that 72 hours notice, full refund cannot be guaranteed. Same day cancellation or no shows to the workshop/class is automatically non-refundable.

There comes a bit of stress involved with shipping a plant from both parties - when shipping, we do our best to package the plants the safest way possible to ensure that they arrive at your doorstep in the same condition that they left ours. We take the health of our plants VERY seriously, and will do whatever we can to make sure your plant is healthy and happy during the commute to its new home - that being said, we cannot control how the carrier handles the package while en route. 

If your package arrives with damage to the box which has caused damage to your plant, you will need to file a claim with the United Parcel Service. Please click here to file a claim. We know receiving a package that is damaged is very upsetting and we wish we could personally deliver each one to your doorstep safe & sound. Please note: Explorganics Plant Shop is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping. 

If for any unforeseen reason the packaging is in great shape, but your plant itself arrives DOA (dead on arrival), please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can make things right. Please make sure that you attach photos of your plant and the packaging along with your order number in your email.

ALL POTS + SOIL SALES ARE FINAL; however, if your hand-painted terra cotta pot arrives broken, please contact us immediately with a photo of the damaged pot, box along with order number/receipt number for a refund in store credit for the broken item. 


Plants and bugs, unfortunately, go hand in hand and sometimes they are inevitable, but if a plant is given the proper care, it should stay bug/mold/aphid free! For peace of mind, we want each customer to know that we personally inspect the soil mix, pot and plant for bugs/insects/mold before packaging your plant to ensure your soil and plant is healthy and happy! Explorganics Plant Shop is not responsible for any mold/aphid/bug infestation that occurs to your plant/soil once delivered. If for any unforeseen reason your plant/soil develops aphids/insects/bugs, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help advise you on what to do to try and save your plant! 

Shipping Policy

All items sold by Explorganics Plant Shop will ship via UPS. Please allow 3-5 days for us to process your order. Explorganics Plant Shop follows the shipping guidelines and schedule of the United Parcel Service, therefore, if you placed your order on or near a holiday, your package may be delayed due to reduced post office hours and closures. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number. Click here to track your order. You should expect to receive your plant within 2 weeks from the order date. If for any reason you have notreceived your order within 2 weeks from the order date, please reach out so we can see what’s going on.

Since plants are considered a perishable item, we cannot insure your package. If your package gets lost in transit, you will need to file a claim with UPS. Explorganics Plant Shop is not responsible for packages lost in transit. 

Explorganics Plant Shop is not responsible for a package that is delivered to the wrong address - this includes delivery errors made by carrier, such as delivering a package with the correct address to the wrong house, and customer error when filling out the shipping information. Each customer must enter the correct address at the time of check out. If you notice you entered the wrong address, or something is spelled incorrectly, you must contact us within 24 hours of when you placed your order to correct the issue, after 24 hours the address can no longer be changed. Explorganics Plant Shop will not issue any credits or refunds for a wrong address error. Once the package is returned to the sender, Explorganics Plant Shop will reach out and give you the option of paying for the shipping again, if you wish to still receive your order. 




100% ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING MATERIALS is Explorganics #1 focus when it comes to shipping is everything MUST be either biodegradable or recyclable! Below is listed all the packaging materials, what they are made out of and how you can dispose of them safely.

Kraft Cardboard shipping boxes

100% recyclable or reusable

100% Biodegradable packing peanuts

Secure Seal Peanuts are made of natural plant starch, so they’re nontoxic and safe for the environment. They’re water-soluble and meet the ASTM-6400-12 standard for municipal and industrial composting. These can be a fun little activity for the kids, and even the adults! When you unpack your plants, empty the peanuts in the sink or the tub and run water over them and watch them melt away! 

Kraft stand up soil bags

100% recyclable or reusable

Carousel Greetings Washi Tape

100% recyclable

UNNI 100% Compostable Bags (this is the green bag that your plant is inside of) 

UNNI Compostable Bags are BPI Certified. They are made from plant starches and contain NO polyethylene. 

Kraft Flatback Packaging Tape 

100% recyclable