Dirt-Free Soil

Dirt-Free Soil


Our dirt-free soil blends are 100% earth-friendly, organic and pet & kid safe. It is a hand-mixed blend of coconut coir, vermiculite, orchid bark, pumice stone, charcoal and desert sand.


Why switch to dirt-free soil? Natural dirt is a mixture of organic material and weathered minerals, which is, of course, earth-friendly but it should be kept outside where it belongs. Potting soils such as Miracle-Gro contain synthetic, non-organic additives that can cause harm to your plants and the environment.


Coconut coir is the main ingredient in our soil blend, we love it so much more than dirt because it retains more water, has a neutral pH level and does not compact or harden up like dirt does — super important for houseplants! All other ingredients have their own purpose, which is explained in our ‘dirt-free soil’ highlight in our profile.


It’s important to us to use all organic, human and pet safe ingredients with all the products we sell in the plant shop, because we not only care about our customers and their family, but we also care about Earth.


Synthetic fertilizers, like what is found in Miracle-Gro, is one of the major factors contributing to the pollution of our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Nutrient runoff caused by heavy rains runs into our waters causing an overgrowth of algae. Algae then dies, bacteria decomposes the algae, consuming oxygen and starving marine life. Of course, this is more relevant to outdoor gardening and run-off, but eventually that houseplant soil will find its way outside, not to mention that harmful ingredients is not something I want to have in my home around my daughter!


Keep this info in mind next time you shop for soil. Healthy soil is the foundation to having a healthy happy houseplant, which is why it’s important to always check the ingredients in your soil. When shopping at the big box stores or online, double check the label is OMRI certified.