Baby Registry Must-Haves for Eco-Friendly Parents


When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first thoughts that ran through my head was, time to get rid of all the harmful crap in our house! I was already working towards a more green lifestyle, but being pregnant helped speed up the process of switching over to all organic/eco-friendly products.

When it came to creating my baby registry, I wanted to make sure I knew about all the materials and ingredients used in each item to ensure I was keeping my baby girl free from BPA's, talc, parabens, pesticides, fluoride, triclosan and synthetic fragrances.

Finding eco-friendly clothes, bibs, blanket and other similar items was easy because I knew I wanted 100% cotton or bamboo material, but when it came to everything else I started to become overwhelmed with how many different brands there were. Finding the right shampoo, diaper rash cream and laundry detergent that was safe yet effective was tough! There are so many companies out there that 'claim' they are eco-friendly, but when you read the ingredients they really aren't!

While searching for eco-friendly products, I spent a lot of time on EWG researching all the ingredients and I even researched the companies themselves by reading what they're all about on their websites. The EWG has a scoring system rated A through F, which helps indicate the toxicity levels:

  • An “A” indicates very low toxicity to health and the environment and extensive ingredient disclosure

  • A “B" or "C” indicates an average cleaner that poses no overt hazards and provides some disclosure of ingredients

  • An “F” means the product is highly toxic or makes little to no ingredient disclosure

My goal was to find products that were scored no lower than a "A", therefore, all the products in the list below indicate very low toxicity - wahoo! Here is a list of green products that can be found on Amazon.

Oh, and side note... both Target & Amazon registries offer AWESOME gift bags with lots of free stuff when you register with them, so if you didn't know, now you know...anyways, back to the list:


Seventh Generation Diapers

Mama Bear Diapers

*I prefer Mama Bear over Seventh Generation because the sizes are more true to fit and they are cheaper, but either are good!

Seventh Generation Wipes

Era Organics Diaper Cream

Or if you're going for cloth diapers (which you totally should):