Learn Why Your Houseplant Leaves Are Turning Brown


If you are struggling with yellow or brown crunchy leaves, don’t worry, it’s a common problem! This type of change to your plants leaves is usually an indication of a watering issue. Over and underwatering can be tough to diagnose because they both show similar symptoms, but it’s an easy fix once you figure it out!

Take a minute and examine your plant (oh and don’t forget to sing to your plant too while doing this).

If the issue is overwatering, it will cause the leaves to wilt, but it can also cause them to become dry and yellow/brown.


If the problem is underwatering, it typically causes the leaves at the bottom of the plant to turn brown first, then spreads to the middle of the plant.

To fix this problem, trim the brown edges off the leaves, remove any dead stems and cut back any half dead stems. I hate to say it, but those stems are not coming back to life *sad face*.

Once you determine if it’s being over or underwatered, keep up with the pruning and stick to a strict schedule for the next few weeks until the plant is looking healthy again.

Another thing to check is your pot. Most plants need a pot with a drainhole. My favorite pot for any plant is terra-cotta because they’re porous which allows the roots to breathe and helps prevent the soil from holding in too much water. If you choose a pot that does not have drain holes, you can place small/medium size pebbles or stones at the bottom of the pot before planting with soil to help drain the soil when watering it.

Humidity is also an important factor in your plants health. Some plants are tropical plants, which require high humidity. The solution for these plants is to keep them away from heaters or cold drafts. You can also purchase a humidifier for your room to help maintain the proper humidity level for your plants.

For my tropical plants, I mist them with water in the mornings, just enough to wet all the leaves but not soak the soil. DO NOT mist these plants at night, they prefer cool damp leaves in the morning hours (just like the rainforest).

If these solutions do not help bring your plant back to life after a couple of days/weeks, then your plant may be suffering from a insect or fungus problem. Fingers crossed that is not the case!

If you have any other questions or concerns about your plant, comment below & I’ll do my best to help. Good luck & happy planting!