The Purest CBD Oil On The Market

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There are a lot of CBD oils on the market that claim to be the real deal, but they’re really just hemp oil ONLY and do not contain CBD.

ThoughtCloud is the only company I trust to order my oils from! Their oils are made from 100% organic, raw, non-GMO hemp plants. They use the most environmentally friendly CO2 extraction methods to extract the oils from plants grown on select farms in Colorado. The farms are free of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

What is CBD and what does it do?
“Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecular constituent of the hemp plant that has significant scientifically proven medical benefits”. It contains 0% THC meaning its non-psychoactive so will not have that ‘high’ feeling when taking the oils. There are so many benefits to CBD oil such as:

  • Alleviating symptoms of stress, tension & anxiety

  • Aides in alleviating pain 

  • Reversing the effects of chronic inflammation

  • Helps alleviate headaches and migraines 

  • Improving thyroid function 

  • Facilitating sustained and restful sleep

  • Sharpening mental clarity, ADD / ADHD

  • Optimizing gastrointestinal function

CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and in over 50 countries worldwide, so you don’t worry about having it shipped to you.

How to use CBD oil?
You can use CBD oil orally, topically or use it in a vape. Soak it on your skin, drop a few drops under your tongue, add it to your coffee, tea, smoothies, or use in a vape pen. The products have the recommended serving sizes listed, but I suggest starting with the smallest dose and working your way up from there.

Full Spectrum CBD oil from ThoughtCloud contains more than just CBD, it also contains CBC,CBG,CBN,CBDV.

Full Spectrum CBD 500mg in coconut oil

Full Spectrum CBD 750mg in coconut oil

Full Spectrum CBD 750mg in cold press hemp

Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg in coconut oil

Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg in cold press hemp

For more information, visit ThoughtClouds FAQ page.