How to Care for Your Prayer Plants


Maranta’s AKA prayer plants are great houseplants. They are super easy to grow, almost too easy. These guys will steal your heart with their beautiful foliage so watch out! 

The plant care info below is meant for all types of prayer plants, including Maranta leuconeura ‘Kerchoveana’ (Green Prayer Plant), Maranta leuconeura ‘erythroneura’ (Red Prayer Plant), Maranta leuconeura var. leuconeura (Black Prayer Plant).

Prayer plants can be grown in low, medium or bright light, just not in direct sunlight. The leaves will burn if they are placed in direct sun. 

I keep my prayer plants near a west facing window and they seem to love it!

Prayers’ are native to Brazil and Asia so these plants are used to tropical conditions. They really like water, so water often and keep the soil moist but dry to the touch. For my prayer plants, I let the soil dry out for a day or two at least once a month, then go back to the regular watering schedule.

These guys require high humidity levels in order to thrive. To help maintain the climate they like, group your potted prayers’ close together. If you have low humidity in your home, you can buy a standard house humidifier and keep it near your prayers’.

For my humidity loving plants, I place them in the tub, turn the shower on hot and give them a nice long steam bath.

You want to make sure the plant has room to breathe. Terra-cotta pots and Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix are best for prayers’. If you make your own potting mix, make sure it has a good amount of perlite (the white looking things) in the mix.